$50 / Year – Unlimited Borrowing


The goal of the New Paltz Instrument Library is to provide people with affordable access to musical instruments in the Hudson Valley. To this end, we have decided on $50/year membership. This will allow us to cover maintenance costs and organizational costs. In return, you will have the luxury of picking out and borrowing a quality instrument, for seven days at a time, as often as you like, for whatever purpose or occasion, unlimited times over the course of a year.

By becoming a member, not only are you getting access to a cool inventory of instruments, but you are also supporting the radical idea that good things don’t need to come at a steep price. By carefully managing our costs and pooling our resources together, we can extend opportunities to each other in our own ways. Let this be an example of what we can do in this community, and beyond.


Members must:

  • be 18+ years old
  • keep their personal credit card on file
  • keep their Driver’s License on file
  • read and agree to the Instrument Library Membership Agreement
Sign Up

If you’d like to sign up, please come on down to the store during store hours (12 PM – 6 PM, Tues-Sat). Bring your Driver’s License, and you credit card. Read and sign the Instrument Library Member’s Agreement. And then you’re good to go!

If you’d like to start the process, you can also scroll down to the Virtual Item Library below, and on the top right, you will see a “Sign In” button. Click that, and then click “Create Account.” Here, you will be able to read and sign the Library Agreement on your own time.

Check out what‘s in stock and what’s borrowed!

Please note that our library collection is comprised of both donated items and a portion of the items that are in our music shop’s general inventory, so many of these instruments are also for sale. In the event where a library instrument is sold, it will no longer be available to borrow, unfortunately. However, on the flip side, we are always buying instruments, some of which we will add to the library. Therefore, the library collection is always rotating, always interesting, always changing.

If you see something you’d like to borrow, come n get it while it’s hot! ↴

Want to sign up? Visit us at the store during regular hours–12 PM to 6 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.